After her friend Marise is captured by vampires, Lucy sets out to brave a vampire’s castle alongside her comrade Elias, a journey that will force them to confront and overcome their own vanity or die in the attempt.

A noblewoman, Marise, is captured by vampires, and given that Lucy and Elias were taken under her wing, they set out to rescue her. However, past bad blood between the two quickly dissolves into arguments, and they find themselves at the whims of the vampires who reside in the castle. Their constant arrogance leads to bad endings for the both of them, showing that in the end certain outcomes are inevitable and flying too close to the sun is always punished, thus tying back into the dual theme of vanity- arrogance/pride, and futility.

Bachelor of Design (Games) 2014

Kirsti Briggs – Producer, Character Animator
Theo Kipen – Programming, Sound Design
Victor Nguyen – Environments, Level Design
Priscilla Winataputri – Enemy Animator