Movement Study 1

Darcey is a teenage girl who finds her home life cold. She leaves the house for the night and walks to her best friend Clara’s house.

Darcey confides in the presence of Clara’s life, which is touched with somewhat more privilege and opportunity than hers. The two of them go to a bar, where Darcy’s distant mood brings their conversation to a head, exposing the friction of their relationship. But their relationship remains firm. They return to Clara’s house where she extends an offer for Darcey to stay the night. Darcey declines, ultimately rejecting the notion of escapism. Her home is her burden to face.

The player, in control of Darcey’s movement and some of her speech but not in control of her agency (because how much control over her life does Darcey really have?), moves her through this simple journey, the interaction acts as a vessel to explore the minutiae of the characters’ gestures.

Bachelor of Design (Games) 2014

A game by team What a Dream
Sam Crisp
Marigold Bartlett
Adrienne Owen
Alex Perrin
Jamie Anderson