Min Min


Set in a labyrinthian forest wrought with danger, a wayward traveler and a wisp work together to overcome a series of obstacles through combining their individual strengths.

Min Min is a 2D sidescrolling platformer that entails a series of light and reflex co- operative puzzles. Set in a dark forest, a lost traveler and a wisp work together to overcome their individual limitations. While the traveler seeks freedom, the wisp’s motives are unclear.

Bachelor of Design (Games) 2014

Linda David – Wisp Animator, Level Building, Designer, Programmer
Belinda Plunkett – Level Building, Artist, Designer, Writer
Amy Jeges – Traveler Animator, Artist, Designer, Writer
Jamison Osualdini – Programmer
Dom Willmott – Sound Designer
James Jeges- Programming (wisp movement)